As a young child, I was surrounded by the love of handwork and color. My grandmother and her sister, my great aunt, taught me sewing, knitting and embroidery. More importantly, they instilled in me respect for and appreciation of the creative processes involving fiber. Their lessons and the skills they shared with me have become, over time, a part of my own creative essence. From my earliest years, I have been creating things from fiber for myself, my family and others whom I love.

When my great aunt passed, I was left with her boxes of antique lace. I began painting silk fabric and ribbons to combine with the lace, and added beads and buttons in a sort of mixed-media quilt fashion. During the ensuing years, I began to look at color differently. I learned to see how colors changed when combined, how they softened or became darker or more vibrant when placed next to various other colors. Although I had often put colors together while knitting or sewing, I was using someone else’s palette, trying to make it work for me. While painting silk and “experimenting” with colors and fabrics, I suddenly found I was creating my own color ways and contrasts and combining them to form a unique whole. I came to appreciate more deeply the creative process of mixing colors together in a dynamic flow. Now I find myself recalling, stirring-up and applying all the lessons of my elders and my own past experience in the dye pot.

I bring 15 years of yarn dyeing experience to String Theory Hand Dyed Yarn, Inc. My focus is on quality fibers and distinctive colors for all creative hand knitters.